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 "Art that brings people delight. It's a simple message, and it's what we believe in." - Ars & Delecto 


Coffee and alcohol are not necessary for survival, but we believe moments with these do bring us delights and memories worth cherishing. Mixing drinks is a form of art and we take great pride in serving and providing each of our customers with the utmost quality drinks and bar experiences. What brings us the most delight is when we make all our guests and friends happy. 


We serve high-quality drinks in a friendly, casual atmosphere throughout both of our floors. At the same time, we emphasize on being detailed oriented and creative at the same time in everything we do. 

Ars & Delecto is a two floor concept bar with the aim of creating an experience for everybody. Whether you are a cocktail lover or newly introduced to cocktails, or even a foodie, you will be able to find something that suites you with just what you need! 




在我们日常生活中,咖啡与酒并不是生存的必备条件,但我们相信这些是能为我们带来愉悦。因此在Ars & Delecto,我们希望大家能在一个轻松欢快的环境里,快乐的享用我们精心为大家制作的鸡尾酒。



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Jin Xian Road 222, Huang Pu District, Shanghai

 上海黄浦区进贤路222号 (近陕西南路)

Open Daily: 18:00 - 2:00

+86 (21) 5679 9916